Production Facilities

Subbarow Apparels has four decades of partnering the world's most trusted fashion labels, 2 state-of-the-art factories and 500 employees. A strong infrastructure enables us to meet the customers’ requirements even before the proposed deadline. We've done it by orienting ourselves to fashion trends and customer needs, investing in the latest technology, relentlessly training our highly-skilled workforce and setting the highest standards for ourselves in both the production process and the end-product. Our production facilities are state of the art factories equipped with the latest in technology used in garment manufacturing right from Gerber cutting to packing comprising Japanese, European & American machineries.

Factory size and strength

Unit 1

Factory size: 21,000 sqft
Employees: 100

Unit 2

Factory size: 60,000 sqft
Employees: 400

Factory credentials:

  • Production capacity: Approximately 4 million pieces per year
  • Production lead time: 75 / 90 / 110 Days
  • Machinery: 600 state of the art machines from Brother and Juki
  • Special Machines available: four needle front placket, elastic chain stitch machines, UTT sewing machines, double needle machines, triple needle machines, feed-of-arm machines, collar and cuff turning-fusing machines, collar contour machines, edge cutting machines, rhinestone-studs sealing machines, eyelet button hole machines, automatic pocket welting machines, top fusing machines, pleating-smocking machines, blind stitch machines
  • Fabric sources: All kinds of auto-loom mill-made fabrics sourced from across India and China